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Welcome to the family tree blog for the Atkinsons of Cavan Garden, Co. Donegal, Eire.

The idea was to start with the earliest Atkinson listed in Burke’s Irish Landed Gentry 1958 and progress from there, adding as much information as possible about the wives of the inheriting Atkinson and their families as well as the sibling Atkinsons.

I am running this site from England, and have not succeeded in finding information about the Atkinson siblings beyond what is posted here. I intend to post the Knox and Wray link trees in due course.

It would be nice to find out who the father Atkinson in Yorkshire was and about the ‘early’ wives’ families.

For those of you chatting on Atkinson forums:

The last Atkinson to inherit Cavan Garden sold it in 1967.

There are no more Atkinsons of direct descent from the eldest son as followed on this tree bearing the name Atkinson.

The last surving Atkinson of the ‘eldest son descent’ outlined here, the youngest daughter of Thomas John Day Atkinson and Cicely Helen Burrington Hawkshaw, Elizabeth Gillian Hawkshaw Atkinson, married – and took her husband’s name – and has two children.

To the best of my knowledge there are not even any Atkinsons from this family in Donegal.

The other issue is that wills and suchlike were lost in the fire at the Four Courts in Dublin in 1922, in which certain records were held – click here for a bit of an outline about that – so it is not that papers are not being provided.