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Atkinson of Cavangarden


Sir Thomas Atkinson of Yorkshire

was the father of

Captain Charles Atkinson b. c. 1550 who went to Ireland c. 1575:  according to Hawley king of arms the Atkinson family ‘dates back to a remote period’.

– and had two sons:

1. Thomas William of Creevy and Cavan Garden b.c. 1580 d.c. 1670

Named as one of the Free Burgesses in the charter granted by James I dated 23 March 1613 creating the borough of Ballyshannon as a county borough – and effective until the union in 1800

‘of Creevy, near Ballyshannon, owned large estates in Kilbarron, co. Donegal’

The estates he was granted in 1613 consisted of the townlands of Creevy, Tullyhurk, The Cloghan, Ardpatten, Ardgillow, Cavangarden and Laheen. His residence was at Creevy.

Believed to have married a Miss O’Cleary of Kilbarron Castle: sister or niece of the brothers who owned Kilbarron Castle where the Annals of the Four Masters were written.

2. Not Named: settled in Rahins Co. Mayo

Children of Thomas William Atkinson and Miss O’Cleary:

i. Thomas b. 1624 d. 1702: attained by the parliament of James II [called “senior” in the Act of Attainder, Parliament of Dublin 1689, temp. James II] ‘for favouring the cause of King William III’ and had to leave Creevy – which was burned by supporters of James II.

ii. John

iii. Robert

iv. William

Child of Thomas Atkinson and unknown mother:

1. Thomas b. 1665 d. March 1738: attained James II [called “junior” in the Act of Attainder; the property was restored temp. William III] m. Ellinor

Once King William III had established his authority an act was passed ‘declaring all attainders and all other acts made in a late parliament held under James II at Dublin in May 1698 to be void and all persons whose property had been confiscated were reinstated with their possessions.
Under this act the Atkinson estate was restored with some variation, notably the loss of Creevy.

‘Thus the Atkinsons have resided at Cavangarden since 1689’.

Children of Thomas Atkinson and Ellinor:

i. John b. 1682 d. 1748 m. 1710 Rebecca d/o William Wray of Ards and Anna Sampson

ii. daughter m. Colonel Francis Reynolds The Mullins

iii. Thomas (?1648-1768) m ? Elizabeth Howard

Children of John Atkinson and Rebecca Wray:

  1. Thomas b. 1713 d. 1783 m. 1752 Letitia d/o George Knox of Rathmullen and Moneymore and Marian d/o William Wray of Ards
  2. William

Children of Thomas Atkinson and Letitia Knox:

i. John b. 1754 d. 1832/3: 1800 High Sheriff of Co. Donegal m. 1776 Elizabeth b. 1749 d. 1807 d/o Andrew Hamilton of Ballydonnel Co. Donegal and Catherine d/o Humphrey Wray of Ards

ii. Rebecca

iii. George m. Anne Greenfield

iv. James m. d/o William Wray of Ards.

v. Andrew (1762-1825) m. 1780 Jane d/o Sir Archibald Murray Bart.

vi. Angel m. Rev Andrew Greenfield M.A. Rector of Moira, poet, b. 1749 Dalkeith s/o Capt. John Greenfield and (m. 1747) Grizel Cockburn d/o Sir William Cockburn of that Ilk 2nd Bart.

Children of John Atkinson and Elizabeth Hamilton:

  1. Thomas John b. 1781 d. 1881: 1817 High Sheriff for Co. Donegal m. 1808 Elizabeth d. 1860 d/o Lt Joseph White 17th Lancers of the household of George III and of Newcomen
  2. Mary m. Young
  3. George (1791-5 Feb 1857) m. Charlotte d/o Rev Andrew Greenfield and Angel Atkinson, and widow of William Herdman
  4. Anna b. 1789 m. Thomas Jones of Ardnares
  5. Rebecca  m. Andrew Mcintyre

Children of Thomas John Atkinson and Elizabeth White:

i. John b. 1816 d. 1879: barrister at law m. 1842 Ellen b. 1823 d. 1900 d/o Robert Deane Megredy barrister at law of Carnew Co. Down

ii. Thomas Joseph, Capt. 27th Regiment Regiment of Foot the Royal North British Fuisliers, m. 7 April 1859 Hester Jane d/o Henry Frances Cullen of Rockwood Co. Leitrim and Hester Jane Dickson

iii.Elizabeth d. 4 December 1835 Nassau Georgia m. 30 July 1835 George Young of Darien Georgia

iv. Catherine (b. 1857 d. Liverpool 1881)

v. Mary

vi. Andrew

vii. William

viii. James (Rev.) curate of Camus-juxta-Mourne died of bronchitis 9 March 1854 aged 24.

ix. George m. Anne

x. Angel

xi. Charlotte Anna m. 30 June 1853 John Hutchinson Keogh esq. s/o of William Keogh of Rockfield Co. Dublin

xii. Letitia b. 1875 d. 18 June 1899

Children of John Atkinson and Ellen Megredy:

  1. Thomas John b. 1845 d. 1921: Deputy Lieutenant 1893 High Sheriff m. 1880 Elizabeth b. 1856 d. 1938 d/o Arthur Magee Day and Charlotte d/o Michael Dunne of Knocknabrag Queens Co.
  2. John Robert b. 1849 d. 1865 unmarried.
  3. Elizabeth Charlotte Jane b. 1848
  4. Ellen Theodosia Adelaide b. 1856 m. 24 May 1874 Robert Mecredy
  5. George Andrew b. 1851 m. Marion Anna Elizabeth d/o Henry Berkeley Gerahty BA and Katherine Fearon
  6. James MD b. 1856 d. 1897 m. 1889
  7. William White b. 1863 d. 1900 unmarried.
  8. Andrew Hamilton b. 1865 d. 1899 unmarried.

Children of Thomas John Atkinson and Elizabeth Day:

i. Thomas John Day b. 1882  d. 1949: m. 1918 Cicely Helen Burrington Hawkshaw b. 1898 d. 10 November 1981: d/o Cdr Hugh Burrington Hawkshaw RN and Aimee Helen Faulkner

ii. Charlotte Elizabeth 1884-1964

iii. Elizabeth Artherina 1886-1967

iv. Mabel Angela Wray 1888-1911

v. Artherina Josephine 1891-1949

Children of Thomas John Day Atkinson and Cicely Helen Burrington Hawkshaw:

1. Angela Cicely d. aged 18

2. John Hawkshaw d. 1931 aged 2

3. Elizabeth Gillian Hawkshaw b. 1935 d. 3 November 2014: married and has issue.

  1. John Atkinson permalink

    Re: Children of Thomas John Atkinson & Elizabeth White m. 1808.
    Their son George who married Ann – could her last name be Maxwell?
    Just hoping so!
    John Atkinson, Canada

    • Hi. I don’t know – yet.

      • John Atkinson permalink

        Thanks, I am trying to determine the father’s first name of my great-grandfather George Atkinson., who was born in 1825 Donegal or Ballyshannon, and died 1907 in Caledon, Ontario.
        He married Jane Glassford in 1853. He came to Canada in 1842, presumably with his mother Anne Maxwell and other family members.
        Thanks for any further info.
        John Atkinson b.1940 p.s. – I visited Cavangarden last June.

  2. The well-known Herdman linen family of Sion Mills, Co Tyrone, are descended from William Herdman and Charlotte Greenfield (the daughter of Angel Atkinson and Andrew Greenfield). They had 2 sons, John and William. John, the elder, married Sarah Black and their son James married Sarah Griffith. Their 3 sons James.John and George founded Sion Mills in 1835 and their daughter, Eliza married John McLurcan of Belfast.

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