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Hawkshaw m. Atkinson


Thomas Hawkshawe of Hawkshaw Farm, Hawkshawe Lane End, Lancashire.
Made a freeman of Chester 10 October 1608
Alderman of Smiths, Cutlery and Plumbers Company 1660/61
d. 18 July 1661
m. Jane
1. Richard Hawkshawe; admitted freedom of Chester 1640 Mayor of Chester 1640-1
m. Mary

Children of Richard and Mary:
1. John Hawkshaw d. 1686 1663-66 held mansion in Jamestown on the river Shannon;
loyal to King Charles I and II one of the 49
freeman of Chester 1667
Granted the Hawkshaw arms and heads the family pedigree at the college of arms
m. Anne.

2. Samuel Hawkshaw d. 1698 in Dublin; freeman of Chester 16 April 1664 m. Anna
3. Thomas Hawkshaw freeman of Chester 1668 m. Dorothy

Children of John and Anne:
1. Richard Hawkshaw b. 1640 in Jamestown, Co. Meath: one of the 49
d. 1687 buried 27 March 1687 in St Michan’s, Dublin
m. 1668 Elinor Parry b. c. 1640 d. 1690 d/o Rt Rev Edward Parry bishop of Killaloe d. 1650

2. Thomas Hawkshaw d. 1683 warden of St Michael’s Dublin m. Elizabeth
3. John Hawkshaw 1656-1691
4. Anne m. George Low
5. Sarah

Children of Richard and Elinor:
1. Judge John Hawkshaw b. 1671 d. 1744;
judge of admiralty council Dublin 1731-1741
m. 1700 Bridget d/o John Rotten and Bridget Stearne (d/o Dr John Stearne b. 1624 d. 1669, founder of the Irish College of Physicians, and Dorothy Ryves d. 1700 d/o Charles Ryves and Jane Ogden) and sister of John Stearne, bishop of Clogher b. 1660 d. 1725)

2. Edward Hawkshaw 1678-1679
3. Anna b. 1676
4. Richard Hawkshaw b. 1680
5. Rev Benjamin Hawkshaw b. 1672 d. 1728 ‘poet and divine’; ancestor of the Tipperary branch
m. 1701 in Dublin, Priscilla Prittie (d/o Henry Prittie of Dunally Castle and Elizabeth Alcock) d. 1722; buried 26 Sep 1722 in St Nicholas, Dublin.
i. Richard b. 1697 m. Elizabeth Andrews
ii. Sarah bapt. 1706

Children of John and Bridget:
1. Rev John Hawkshaw b. 1714 d. 1792 rector Monaghan Dromore 1755-1762
m. 1743 Elizabeth Madden b. 1707, d. 18 Mar 1787; buried in Tydavnet, Co. Monaghan; d/o Samuel Madden (‘Premium Madden’) [s/o John Madden MD and Mary Molyneaux, d/o Samuel Molyneaux of Castle Dillon, Co. Armagh]
and Jane Magill d/o Captain Hugh Magill of Kirkestown, Co. Armagh

2. Dr Richard Hawkshaw; surgeon Royal Hospital Dublin d. 1763
m. Christina, widow of Thomas Pennyfether
3. Bridget d. 1786
m. 1734 William Taylor b. Cumberland, s/o Unk Taylor, Lord Mayor of Dublin (m.2) Grace Fletcher) b. 21 April 1725 in Clea Hall, Cumberland
4. Eleanor d. 1736
5. Thomas Hawkshaw 1717-1779
m. 1743 Margaret d/o Hugh Gordon
i. Maj-Gen Thomas Hawkshaw 1751-1819 HEIC Col 22nd Native Infantry 1804
m1) 1791 in Calcutta, Gertrude Christiana nee van Renen widow
a. Charlotte Wilhelmina d. 1856 m. 14 Jan 1813 Westby Percival RN of Knightsbrook,   co. Meath, Knight of the Imperial Austrian Order of Leopold for his services in the Adriatic, during the campaigns of 1813 and 1814.
b. Anna Matilda b. 1804 d. 1864 m. 1823 Valentine Stone RN, d. 1834
m2)  1807 Ann d. 1854 d/o Robert Percival sister of Westby Percival

Children of John and Elizabeth:
1. Rev. Richard Hawkshaw b. 1764 d. 1826
m. Margaret d. 26 May 1848 d/o Dr William Seed of Belfast

2. Capt. Thomas Hawkshaw 5th Regt. of Foot (in America in 1778) b. Divarnagh and Newry, Co. Down; d. 1793.
m.1) Vicentea Brabazon
i. Thomas d. 1802
ii. Wallop Brabazon: Lieutenant of the Vigo man-of-war, d. 1813
m.2) an American Lady.
3. Lt. George Hawkshaw 1767-1792 Royal Corps of Marines: buried Chester Cathedral
4. Jane
5. Hugh Hawkshaw barrister b. 1758 49th Regt. of Foot; in America 1775-78; BA Hertford College Oxford University 1786
m. 1792 Dorothy d/o Sir James Hamilton of Kent
i. Lt-Gen John Summerfield Hawkshaw 1796-1862 R.E.; served in Canada, the West  Indies and Ceylon m. 1686 Letitia Brazabon
ii. Ellinor 1793-1863
iii. James Edward 1795-1796
iv. Madden 1802-1896 m. Margaret
6. William b. 1744 JP b. Divarnagh and Newry, Co. Down
m. 1768 Eleanor Johnstone
i. Elizabeth Hawkshaw b. 1770 in Newry, Co. Down
ii. Edward Hawkshaw b. 1773 in Newry, d. 1774
m. c. 1822 in Ireland, Lucy Chetwode d. 1869 Cheltenham [m 2) James Brooke Irwin]
a) Elizabeth Edith Hawkshaw b. c. 1821/1826 in Ireland d. 1911
m. 25 Jan 1844 in St Andrews, Clifton, Gloucester, as his second wife, Rev Samuel   Vere Dashwood d. 1876 of Stanford Hall, Nottinghamshire, and had issue.
b) Eleanor Mary Hawkshaw b. in Ireland
m. 20 Mar 1849 in St Andrews, Clifton, Gloucestershire, Stopford James Ram 1826-1881
iii. John Stewart Hawkshaw Lt Col b. 1776 in Newry, Co. Down, d. 1848 31st  (Huntingdonshire) Regt. and 91st (Argyllshire) Highlanders
m. 1800 in Co. Down, Sophia Agnes Wilhelmina Lawrence
a) 1. Elizabeth Hawkshaw d. 30 October 1860
m. 24 July 1849 Major Hon. Henry Crichton b. 1804, d. 1864 brother of third Earl of  Erne of Crom Castle Co. Fermanagh
b) Anna Hawkshaw
c) Eleanor Frances Hawkshaw d. 1907

iv. Edward Hawkshaw b. 1780 in Newry, Co. Down
v. Fanny Hawkshaw b. 1783 in Newry, Co. Down
vi. Jane Hawkshaw b. 1786 in Newry, Co. Down, d. c. 1855

7. Captain John Hawkshaw Captain 69th Regiment
8. Robert Rector of Taghmon Co. Wexford
m. Deborah Madden, d/o Samuel Madden, Rector of Newtown Butler Co. Fermanagh, sister of Elizabeth
9. Samuel Rector of Tadavenet Co. Monaghan
m. c. 1780, in Kilkenny, Cassandra Madden b. 1764 in Castle Inch, Ireland, d/o Michael D Madden, Chancellor, of Canice Kilkenny.

Children of Richard and Margaret
1. Cdr. Hugh Hawkshaw RN b. 1795 d. 1870; at battle of Algiers in 1819 on HMS Newcastle
m. 1845 Catherine Eliza d. 1902 d/o Robert Miller of Blackheath and Catherine Burrington [d/o Col George Burrington d. 1794 killed in action; and m2) Helen Dempster d. 1831, half-sister of George Dempster MP]

2. George d. 1879
3. Rev. William 1782-1866 m. Marianne b. 1779 d/o Rev. John Harvey
4. Lt. Richard RN: b. 1790 lost at sea 1810 West Indies
5. Midshipman John RN 1798-1814 killed in action
6. Ensign Edward Hawkshaw 38th Madras Native Infantry d. 30 April 1826 of malaria during the Burmese Campaign on board ‘Glenelg’ in Rangoon harbour
7. Louisa d. Londonderry 27 January 1858
8. Eliza d. 25 March 1848                                                                                                            9.Letitia                                                                                                                                                 10. Margaret                                                                                                                                        11. Fanny Catherine d. unm. 1879

Children of Hugh and Catherine Eliza
1. Cdr. Hugh Burrington Hawkshaw b. 1852 d.1936
m. 1896 Aimee Helen d. 1939 d/o Francis Macnamara Faulkner [s/o William Faulkner b. 1774 d. 1812 and Maria McNamara d. 1847] and Matilda Cox Smith b. 1825 d. 1907 [d/o Henry Smith of Annesbrook d. 1857 and Elizabeth Radcliffe of Tinakilly, Co. Wicklow]
i. Cicely Helen Burrington Hawkshaw JP 1898-1981
m. 1918 Thomas John Day Atkinson OBE, of Cavangarden, Co. Donegal

2. Capt. William Stearne RNR 1891-1927 m. 1874 Eliza Murton (c. 1851-1932) d/o Thomas Shore – eventually settled at Chilliwack, British Columbia
3. Cdr. Richard Parry RN 1849-1911 Egypt: medal al Khedive Star 1881
4. Robert Miller Hawkshaw d. 1869
5. Katherine (Fanny) Letitia m. Rev Morton Shore
6. Emily Gertrude (aged 31 in 1881)
7. Mary Louise d. 1951
8. Helen
9. Constance

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