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Smith of Annesbrook


John Smith m. Ellinor

Their children:
1. Jeremiah Smith
m1) Elizabeth Bickerton
m2) Jane Corker
m3) Alice Townley d/o Henry Townley of Clare Castle and Mary Hudson d/o the Bishop of Elphin
2. Mary
3. Walter
4. Elizabeth m. Richard Workman
Child: Jeremiah
5. Anne m. Henry Baker
6. Sarah m. Shewell

Children of Jeremiah and Alice Townley:
1. Harry Smith Mayor of Drogheda 1713 Recorder of Drogheda 1742 left the Beabeg and Meath property to his brother
2. Jeremiah Smith of Beabeg m. Margaret d/o Edmund Schoales Alderman of Drogheda
2. Townley
3. Tennison m. Susanna
i) Edmund Tyrell Smith served aboard the ‘Endymion’ under Admiral Rodney at the defeat of the French squadron 12 April 1782; Vice-Admiral of the White 1806 Admiral 1812
4. Hamilton left his estate to Jeremiah Workman
5. Mary Anne

Children of Jeremiah and Margaret Shoales:
1. Henry Smith b. 1748 d. 1817 m. Martha d/o Laurence Steele and Elizabeth d/o Dudley Loftus
2. Jeremiah High Sheriff of Drogheda 1809
3. Jane m. Dr William Gibbons Mayor of Drogheda 1779
4. Catherine Margaret m. 1782 George Rotherham

Children of Henry and Martha:
1. Henry Jeremiah d. 1867 High Sheriff of Meath

m1) 28 December 1802 Margaret Osborne
i. Henry Jeremiah
m1) 1828, Sarah Maria, d/o Robert Harrison, Esq. of Preston, Kent
a. Henry Jeremiah, of Beabeg, Co. Meath, b. 14 Sept. 1829;
m. 16 July 1857, Elizabeth, d. 1880, youngest d/o James Kynaston Edwards, Esq. of Old  Court, Co. Wicklow,
m2) 1836 Hon. Henrietta Priscilla Carleton, d/o Lieut.-Col. Hon. George Carleton, and sister of Guy, 3rd Lord Dorchester
ii. Francis Edward Capt. H.E.I.C.S; d. w/o issue
m2) 1809 Elizabeth b. c. 1790  d. 5 March 1872 d/o Lt. Colonel William Radcliffe of Tinakilly, Co. Wicklow and Catherine only d/o the Rev. Sir Michael Cox, Bt. of Dunmanway, Co. Cork and Elizabeth d/o Hugh, 1st Lord Massy (b. 1700 d. 1788)
1. Matilda Cox Smith b. 1825 d. 1907
m. 1865 Francis Macnamara Faulkner b. 1804 d. 1868 s/o William Faulkner b. 1774 d. 1812 of the Royal Irish Artillery and 4th and 7th Light Dragoons, of Templeuske House Co. Wicklow and Maria Macnamara b. 1774 d. 1847 d/o John Macnamara of Castletown Co. Clare and Mary Morony
2. Elizabeth m. 26 June 1840 Hugh Lyons-Montgomery of Belhavel, Leitrim MP
3. Stephen Henry b. 1813 d. 1890; JP, High Sheriff 1861, Lieut.-Col. Londonderry Militia
m1) 1860 Georgina Barbara, d. 1874 only d/o Col. Raymond Pelly, 16th Lancers, C.B., and had three daughters.
m2) 1876 Francesca Helen Mary, eldest d/o Col. Henry Bouchier Savile
4. St George William of Newtown, Co. Meath, JP, High Sheriff of Drogheda
m. 1812 Mary, d/o Ralph Smyth of Barbavilla, Co. Westmeath
5. Michael Edward b. 10 Nov 1814 inherited Annesbrook in 1892 after the death of his elder 2 brothers;
m. 8 September 1847, Jane Grace, b. 1829 d. 1913 second d/o William Ireland Syme of Ryedale, Kirkcudbright.
6. William Thomas
m1) Caroline Eliza d/o William Walman Pattisson, Esq., of Coggleshall, Essex
1. Fitz-Henry Augustus inherited Annesbrooke from Michael Edward
m. 1910 Kathleen Muriel d/o Lt.-Col. Joseph Gates Travers, Leicestershire Regt
m2) Miss Chambers
7. Richard Jeremiah
8. Frederick Augustus VC; b. 1826 d. 1887
9. Jeremiah James
10. Kynaston Walter: accidentally killed 1857
11. Elizabeth
12. Catherine m. 1843 Col. Sir Robert Wallace
13. Emily d. unm
14. Mary Henrietta d. 1876
m. 1857, Ralph Smyth, Esq., JP, of Newtown House, Co. Louth, [s/o Ralph Smyth, (s/o Ralph Leonard Smyth (1761) and Frances Clarke) and Mary Schoales (d.1850) only child of (Alderman of Drogheda) George Schoales].
i) Ralph George Smyth b. 1864
15. St. George m. Mary Hannah Smyth (d/o Ralph Smyth and Mary Schoales) d. 1844 drowned with her children
16. Elizabeth Esther
17. Matilda Jane
18. Catherine Margaret
19. Emily m. Major James Kynaston Edwards

Child of Matilda Cox Smith and Francis McNamara Faulkner:
1. Aimee Helen b. 1866 d. 1939 m. 1896 Cdr Hugh Burrington Hawkshaw RN b. 1852 d. 1936 s/o Cdr Hugh Hawkshaw and Catherine Eliza Miller
i) Cicely Helen Burrington Hawkshaw b. 1898 d.1981 m. 1918 Thomas John Day Atkinson of Cavangarden, Co. Donegal (see Atkinson of Cavangarden page)

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